Sample Courses and Materials

Sample Courses

English 201: Literacy and Everyday Life

I last taught this course in Spring 2014. A revision of a course I had taught in the fall, we explored literacy in community contexts across UW-Madison and in the city. Students completed an ethnography of a community close to them and a project requiring qualitative interviews gathering the literacy history of someone important to them. Then, they revised one of their projects for a course-specific group blog.

English 201: Writing Wisconsin

I last taught this course in Spring 2018, which examines the genres, writing communities, and literacy sponsors that make up the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Students  explore our University Archives following inquiry rather than argument to build their first paper. Next they  write an ethnography of communication about a campus community that is important to them.

Sample Workshop and Presentation Materials

Communicating your Writing Accessibility Needs with Course Instructors

Based on a portion of my current research project, I developed a Writing Center workshop for Fall 2018 that first encourages students to think deeply about their writing process and then offers a space to practice communicating writing needs with instructors.

Don’t Distress, Assess!

As a UW-Madison College of Letters and Sciences Teaching Fellow for Spring 2018, I developed a workshop where I taught first-year teachers how to use and develop informal assessment strategies in the classroom.

Understanding the Needs of LGBTQ College Student Writers (Also, a handout)

I developed this brief workshop for a UW-Madison Writing Center staff meeting in 2015. The workshop materials discuss some of the specific challenges that LGBTQ students face with academic writing and provides suggestions for writing center instructors for addressing those challenges. The slides are briefly annotated with some of my rhetorical choices.

Transgender Identity, Incarceration, and Literacy Dead Zones

At CCCC 2018, I presented on the Queer Caucus sponsored panel, where I discussed how incarcerated trans people are denied access to literacy materials that they can use to transition legally and medically. I am interested in this topic as an area of future research, in particular the concept of a “literacy dead zone,” by which I mean a systemic denial of literacy materials to specific populations for purposes of discipline.

Space Meets Interface: The Spatial Rhetorics of Pokemon Go and Ingress

Just for fun–here’s a presentation I gave at a symposium for the UW-Madison Graduate Student chapter of RSA about the spatial rhetorics of Pokemon Go and Ingress.


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