About Me

Neil looks into the camera with the Wisconsin forest in the backgroundI’m a Ph.D. candidate in Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, where I research how disabled students experience learning how to write in college. My current research project uses qualitative interviews to explore:

  • how students transfer rhetorical knowledge about accommodations across classroom contexts
  • how students experience and manipulate the kairotic and chronic constraints of writing assignments
  • and, how students use disidentification and rhetorical identification to bring about change in the classroom and in the broader institutional landscape.

Across these three main topics, I also explore how disabled students use and experience multimodal writing technologies to access academic writing.

Additionally, I’m interested in transgender rhetorics and literacy practices, queer rhetorics, and the material writing cultures of disabled and chronically ill writers.

At UW-Madison, I’ve served as the assistant director of the English 201 program, our version of intermediate composition. I also worked as the assistant director of the Writing Center. You can see some samples of materials I’ve developed in those and other roles here. I’ve also taught first-year composition, intermediate composition, and worked as an instructor at our Writing Center throughout my graduate career. You can check out some of my syllabi from those courses at this page.

I’ve presented at CCCC, RSA, IWCA, IWAC, and Computers and Writing. I’ve published in Composition Forum, enculturation, Across the Disciplines, and┬áPraxis: A Writing Center Journal.

In my spare time, I volunteer at LGBT Books to Prisoners, hang out with my cats, and ferment all the things!